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Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Heist

the heist, originally uploaded by HaleyHyatt.
© Haley Hyatt. All rights reserved. Use without permission is illegal.
Jacksonville Beach, FL. A ring-beaked gull exacts his payback for all the photographs we took of him. Barry was feeding the gulls, as usual -- and decided to see if they would dare to fly in and eat chips on top of his hat. Since my compact zoom Kodak has a bit of shutter lag, I snapped the shot when the bird was a few feet away, not realizing the actual shot I would get -- which was priceless (to us, anyway!) In a heartbeat, this enterprising gull had heisted Barry's cap and flown with it 50 yards down the beach (unfortunately I missed that shot.) Fortunately for Barry and the hat -- the gull let go of the hat (not as tasty perhaps as he had hoped) over sand, rather than water. I didn't realize I had captured this shot until it was all over. It proved who really rules the beach.

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